Do you make gravy?

Lets make some gravy. It adds flavor to any dish.

We can start with some pre-made stock or create some yummy stock of our own.

Gather 3 cups of  broth into a sauce pan and bring it to a high boil.

While waiting for that, lets make the thickening mix.

Mix together 3 rounded tbsp cornstarch and half a cup of cold water. It should feel stiff and almost hard to stir at first. It will loosen after you mix it up enough. If it’s left to rest, it will settle and will need to be stirred again. Always mix right before adding into your hot pot of stock.

Once the stock boils, remove it from the heat and slowly stir in your cornstarch water mixture. Heat up to boiling again, this time constantly stirring for one full minute. This will thicken more the colder it gets.

Serve up in a gravy boat and enjoy a savory dish smothered in gravy. Yum.

Side note: There are more ways than one to thicken stock/dishes. If you want to learn more, we provide a number of different dishes. Our browse menu will provide more tasty recipes.


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